For the entire band, Lines of Reason comes following separate and illustrious careers for bassist Marcus McLaurine, drummer Alan Nelson, alto saxophonist Joe Ford, trombonist Clifford Adams and pianist Michael Cochrane. Each of the members of Lines of Reason have been performing under their own direction as band leaders as well as playing with such greats as Sonny Fortune, McCoy Tyner Hannibal Marvin Peterson and Clark Terry. Now, these four friends have finally come into their own with this exciting and creative collaboration. The experience of having worked with some of the great historical band leaders would seem to be a radical departure from the cooperative format of Lines of Reason where each player has an equal input. The opportunity to create, record, and perform among comrades in a close knit, long-term situation has irresistible advantages for these prolific musicians.

Bassist Marcus Mclaurine toured and recorded with Kenny Burrell and Clark Terry among others, following a stint in the Air Force Marching Band. Saxophonists, pianists, and bass players have sought out master drummer Alan Nelson, for his intense energy and hyper-sensitivity. Alto saxophonist Joe Ford has earned a reputation for his work with the great pianist McCoy Tyner, trombonist Clifford Adams has been a member of the highly successful r&b band called Kool and the Gang. And the force behind the Lines of Reason nexus, is veteran pianist/composer Michael Cochrane, who has worked with Sonny Fortune, Eddie Gomez and a host of other greats.

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